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MBOY Editor

Create perfect rhythm mapping aka beatmaps/flow/chart for your rhythm-based games.

 Compatible with any game engine - Unity, Godot, Unreal, etc.

Create Taiko no Tatsujin clone game

Create Piano Tiles clone game

Create Guitar Hero clone game


Create Beat Shooter clone game

Play Beat Shooter here 



How to use - watch this tutorial


More info

Visit  https://mboy-games.com/ to get more info and examples.

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Register at https://mboy-games.com/signup to get PRO version

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mboy-editor-mac.zip 32 MB
Version 2.2 Feb 05, 2023
mboy-editor-win.zip 115 MB
Version 2.2 Feb 05, 2023
mboy-editor-linux.zip 87 MB
Version 2.2 Feb 05, 2023

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I kinda fixed the master tiles but now its not spawning. Do you think you can make a 4.2 godot tutorial sometime soon? Transposing all the code to get it to not crash then not starting is weird when there's no way to tell if its correct or not

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Hello, I'm constantly getting an absolute boatload of errors. Is there any way we could chat? I was debating getting pro for making my rhythm game a 4 way road but with the amount of reused variables in the JSON I don't think I'll be able to make a beatmap with this. Please reach out to me on discord: Solcantor
The errors are: "Invalid get index 'notes' on base 'String' Speed not getting a value from setup() self.game = game


Hey! I see you have troubles with game programming not the Editor itself.

I suggest to you look into existing game projects made in Godot 3 and understand how the things work.

Please look into these repos:




After that you  can start your project from scratch. It could be a challenge since the you need to develop gameplay by yourself. Editor is for rhythm mapping only. How it is processed in the game is the responsibility of the developer. 

I hope it will help you!


I understand what you mean, I am a fresh developer but I am working in 4.2 so some of the things in 3 don't translate at all in syntax or in functions which is what I'm having problems with. I'm trying to understand the var, func and syntax changes so I'm basically learning two game engines at once. 

I really want to use the beatmap for 4.2 since I believe it'll be pretty much crucial for game dev in rhythm games, I'm just having a hard time translating the information gathered from the JSON and slapping it into my own code if that makes sense. 

I understand its also not your responsibility to hand out any sort of tutorial or help, I just really wanted some sort of push into getting the pro if that makes sense. Using a 2D plane and Godot 4.2 is far diff from the repos you linked, I understand what they're trying to do, the syntax vars and funcs are diff and I was just wondering if you knew the translations.

I appreciate you responding, I really do admire the beatmap and hope to be subbing for pro. 

not cool >:(

Any details about your experience?



Hello Vic!

I've just tried version v2.2, and I really like it! While using it, I had 2 questions, I wonder if you could help me with these!

  • If I create a long note and want to make it multiple bars long, I cannot stretch it into the next bar. Is there a workaround for that? How do you solve this? If I create a new note in the next bar, I will have a note in a game as well?
  • Many times parts of a song repeat. I was wondering if I could just select a bunch of notes with my mouse, and then copy-paste them at a later point on the timeline.

I don't know if you have any solutions for these, but if you plan to continue the development (which I'd really love!), then these would be super cool features!

Thank you again,

Hi, Laszlo!

Thanks for the question & feedback!

1. To connect 2 notes between 2 bars use "Extended" marker. Attach it to the first note (select note,  press "Add Marker", select "Extended"). Then in the game, you need to add game logic to cover this scenario/connect them (check presence of the "Extended" marker in "markers" field)

Just an example of handling extended notes in the game https://github.com/v-pukman-gd/music-tiles/blob/e2d065b48bf2bf60523e63cabbf119a5...

2. The is no copy-paste feature yet. It is in my queue and I'm planning to add it soon


I'm trying to use this on my Steam Deck but the UI is too large and basically makes the program pretty much unusable.


I think Steam Deck is good for playing and testing games, while laptop and desktop are the best for the developing and mapping :)

I use my Steam Deck in desktop mode for game development and a lot of other programs work. It’s a desktop PC in it’s own right and I’m not sure what that has to do with my question.

Please provide the info about your screen resolution and size, it can be helpful to debug this issue

The Steam Deck screenn size is 1280x800 (16:10).


I've been waiting all this time for the pro version to release and you made it a subscription?

Don't get me wrong, $30 for an annual sub is great, there's nothing wrong with the pricing. I get that there's a problem with relative devaluing when comparing single purchase pricing to sub pricing - I understand exactly why you made the choice.

The only problem with the format is that people generally won't feel obliged to support the program so you won't build a strong community. You may end up making less money in the long run - especially if someone else builds a program with the same features and offers it as a one time purchase.

I'm going to sub for now, but once I find a program that offers the same solution that I don't have to sub to, I'll definitely be out. Customers have to gauge their earnings just as carefully as any business owner or dev.


Hi, @Pixelevator! 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it. I was choosing between fixed price and subscription, but decided to go by using subscription way. I will be happy to hear any other thoughts and ideas about the editor

Since you're Early Adopter - you get 6 months PRO subscription for free

Hello! Do you have any news about the pro version?

Hi, @bastianleaf

I'm preparing a new release that will have pro version and many others good fixes. I plan to publish it at the beginning  of the next month. Keep in touch!

Hey! Please download new version 2.2 to get PRO mode. You need to register at https://mboy-games.com/ and then "Log in" inside MBOY editor. Vic


I would like use you tool to make a rhytmh-game, but i need 4 tracks, When release a full version o pro version???

Best whises, ViejoCerdo  


Hi @ViejoCerdo! Thanks for using the app. The pro version will be available in upcoming 4 weeks.  


Hey! Please download new version 2.2 to get PRO mode. You need to register at https://mboy-games.com/ and then "Log in" inside MBOY editor. Vic

muchas muchas gracias  por los 6 meses gratis :D

Where can I get full version so I'm not restricted to 3 tracks?

Hi Good_dogie! The pro version with unlimited track will be available soon. I will update you, keep in touch. Vic

Hey! Please download new version 2.2 to get PRO mode. You need to register at https://mboy-games.com/ and then "Log in" inside MBOY editor. Vic

If the free version is restricted to 3 tracks, where's the paid version? I can't find any evidence that one exists?

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi Cirr! The pro version with unlimited tracks will be available soon. I will update you, keep in touch. Vic

Hey! Please download new version 2.2 to get PRO mode. You need to register at https://mboy-games.com/ and then "Log in" inside MBOY editor. Vic

This to seems to be very useful, it may help a lot of people struggling with rhythm sync !

I could try it later, it seems interesting

this looks interesting, i'd use it if i actually knew how to code lmfao